Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A big step forward and a woman who kicks ass.

I’ve done it. My first official attempt at adding Weird Tales to the large list of illustrious companies who have issued rejection letters in my name has been sent out. I’m curious to see how quick the turn around will be. As it stands, I am currently awaiting similar from The Library of Horror, Zombie Zak’s House of Pain and Night Terrors II. Wish me luck, people. My goal of 100 is still a while away.

On the “actually published” side, my dear wife Piper Morgan has seen recent publication. in Bloodbound Books’ DOA: Extreme Horror Anthology (“Everyone Has Their Own Sound”- a tale of sex, revenge and music) and PillHill Press’s Dark Things II (“Deliscious Morsels”- about the thing in the closet). “Delicious Morsels” received the following comment from Trish Martin at Horrornews: “This is the kind of story that will make you want to close the closet door, lock it, and then nail it shut.”

I'm not just promoting this because she gives me the sweet, sweet bootay, though that is certainly more than enough of a reason. These stories kick serious ass.

You should buy them shits, mofos.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Sucks to My Bullshit

Well, my life has been rather shitty of late. On personal and financial fronts, it has seemed to be collapsing on itself. But there have been good things to help balance it out:

“Beautiful Things” (about the deteriorating relationship between a father and son, with zombies) is in the upcoming issue of Shroud (available for preorder here). Tim Deal ran me through the wringer on this story. Twice. His brutality and honesty resulted in a story I'm damn proud of. The man is a hell of an editor.

“The Morning Ritual” (exploring the savagery underneath the facade of civility) is up on Title Goes Here's May digital edition. I'm digging how they've split the digital and print editions, providing unique experiences for each and I'm happy to be a part of it. Plus, its free. You have no excuse for not at least giving it a chance.

I think I'm done with editing a new story dealing with the vampirism and isolation integral to the creation of art that will probably be my grand attempt at rejection from Weird Tales. A friend and pre-reader called it sexy and tripcicle.

With that in mind, life can go take a running fuck at itself. I'll still break down, I might find myself crying in the fetal position or punching the odd wall, but I'll still be here. Dammit if that isn't enough.