Wednesday, January 21, 2015

When paying back just ain't good enough

Warning: I’m going to start off whining and bitching, but it goes somewhere good. Please ride it out and indulge a fool.

I’m not going to spell it all out for the world, but 2014 was a shitty year for me and mine. Emotionally and financially devastating. As much as we all love the heartwarming message of Christmas specials, that financial shit was what really kicked our asses. 

In the course of this and through the aftermath, I realized how many amazing people I know. People that propped us up and helped us through with moral support, open arms and more open wallets than I have any reason to feel worthy of. Some of this from people I have never met in person. I’ve made no bones of it in the past, but it bears restating: I know some fucking wonderful people.

We could not have made it through this crap without them. 

It wasn’t just the money that pulled us through, though that sure as fuck was needed. It wasn’t just the people who screamed along with us, or the hugs, or the beer, even if we really needed those as well. It was the knowledge that people cared.

None of us can change the world, but we can each make it a bit better for someone. Sometimes it’s lending a hand, sometimes an ear, sometimes that twenty bucks I was going to use for something pretty for myself. I have a suggested opportunity below to help someone in need, but don’t feel limited to that. I’m sure there is someone you know that could use an outstretched hand. It can make a world of difference.

Help a Veteran and his Family recover from a house fire. (from this point on, nobody is allowed to say anything mean about mother-in-laws)

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Another update on context

Well, fuck.

Seriously. Dammit, people.

So, some stupid shit happenedat context and officials dealt with it in a stupid manner. And it pissed off a lot of people, myself included, who said they would not attend the convention. Then, there appeared to be hope. A new Con-Com made up of people that would actually try to help congoers feel comfortable and secure at the convention.

You get the point. Context is done, for me. I’m sad, because this was my first real convention and it has meant much to me over the years. I have met new people, built friendships and learned a shit-ton and been given the opportunity to act like a total dork with people who understand.
There will be other conventions, but none will feel the same for me as Context once did.

Fucking people, man.