A fan's resignation from Context

I was going to bitch about Ferguson today. Still might at a later time. There are some things that are pissing me off royally. But then I saw something from a friend that changed my mind.

I could ramble on about my love for the convention, but you can find that throughout the blog. I could rant my anger, but Steve is a tad more eloquent than I and I can’t think of anything to say that he hasn’t. There is a part of me that wants to point out the others who have withdrawn themselves from future Contexts, but that isn’t my place.

I think my time is better spent talking about opportunity. Specifically, the opportunity the members of Convention Committee and the board members of Fanaco have before them. It is still possible to make this right and establish trust among the con-goers. It will be hard to do so, after the way this has been handled thus far, but not impossible. We want to go. We want to have fun and we will gladly give our money to do so, as long as you show us that we can feel safe and secure in doing so.

I want to believe that pride can be put aside in favor of what is quite objectively the right thing to do. That it is possible to acknowledge that this wasn’t handled the correct way and that we can move forward. Then I would be perfectly comfortable coming again next year and continuing to tell everyone I know that they should come along.

Until then, I cannot attend future iterations of Context and that makes me very sad.