Uh oh! There's gonna be something in my pants.

So, Context is a mere day away and I'm a terrified little boy.

Let's back up so I can splain. In a moment of arrogance (I have had 5 Poems accepted for publication, after all), I signed up to be a part of the Open Poetry panel, which has seen the likes of Mike Arnzen, Matt Betts and Cathy Callaghan in recent years. I've enjoyed it as a member of the audience so I figured that it could only be more enjoyable as a panelist. All was fine and good in happy town when I was officially accepted for it.

Then I found out that I will be there along with both Cathy Callaghan and Lucy "Giant Steel Ovaries" Snyder.

Don't get me wrong, I'm honored to have such an opportunity. At the same time, my pants are filled with fear poo and the urine of dread. How, precisely, do I not look like a talentless hack in that company?

So, please come and watch me make a fool of myself.