Millennicon is nearly upon us.

March is here, oh dear droogies, and with it comes Millennicon. This con is always a treat for me. The atmosphere is pretty loose, the people are quite friendly and I always have a good time.

Here is what you have to look forward to, if you join me:
Laura Resnick is the Guest of Honor. Laura is not just a hell of a writer, but a damn cool person as well. Down to earth but serious as hell about her work. I’d be fine just hanging out with her the whole time. Also, Tim Waggoner is there and he is always great.

The Winton Woods Headcases (a student writing group for the Winton Woods District) will be doing a reading at 11am on Saturday. First off, these are teenagers who are so dedicated to their writing that they are willing to get up before noon on a Saturday. If that ain’t amazing, I don’t know what is. Plus, you will get to hear stories about cool things like children who kill for teeth and Old ladies who fight dragons over a toaster. It’ll be pretty cool.

Also, I’ll be there. During the open ceremonies, you can see me with my fellow Headcases as we receive this year’s HAL award. I’m dern proud of that. Also, I’ll be talking Walking Dead and relationships at 11pm. And I am running a workshop on taking that BIG IDEA and turning it into a story someone would actually want to read on Saturday at 2pm.

It’s gonna be a fun time. You should come and buy me a beer. Or let me buy you a beer. Or just talk about dorky shit. Whatever.