Thursday, March 13, 2014

Of Laundry and Adultery

I saw a weird thing today. John Scalzi posted a silly tweet about his wife using her feminine wiles to seduce him into folding the laundry. It was just about as witty as it was forgettable and the world moved on. Except one man who felt it necessary to pronounce to the world that this was begging his wife to cheat on him and refer to the whole as emasculating. 

Nope, not gonna link to him because he’s received enough traffic for this nonsense.
Now, I understand sexism and misogyny. I don’t agree with them, but I grasp the underpinnings of the kind of worldview they present. This just confuses the crap out of me. 

Does he believe women cheat on their husbands because they help out with basic, non-woodchoppy and/or animal-killing  duties? I kind of wonder if he’d been cheated on almost immediately after folding laundry and he’s used that excuse ever since. Also, did she cut off his balls afterword? That could explain the paranoia, but I hope this hasn’t happened enough times to make him believe it is how everyone acts. 

My wife only cheats on me when I refuse to wrestle grizzlies in the nude and denigrate the effeminate. Admittedly, she is more liberal than most of my friends’ wives but the point is that not all women are this crazy. Behavior like Scalzi’s really just merits a disapproving frown and all of womankind laughing at him behind his back for his gullibility. Kind of like that time you did the dishes back in 1997 but not as bad as when you made a quiche.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

More of Me: Millennicon and Horrorhound

Because I know you want as much as you can get. Right? Please tell me I’m right. I’m getting a little insecure here.  We’ll just assume I’m at least non-repellant and move on.

March 14-16: Millennicon

One of my favorite conventions. Certainly my favorite in the Cincinnati area. Jim C Hines is the guest of honor, which is just pure gigglies on toast. Plus, I ran a flash fiction contest for teens (judged by none other than Maurice Broaddus, Steve Saus, Eric Beebe and Teri A Jacobs) and the winners will be doing a reading at noon on Saurday. I’ll also be running a free writing workshop from 2pm-4pm on the same day. And I get to wax all intellectual-like over why people go so gaga over zombies and the walking dead (hint: TERRORISM! gasp). Add to that what are sure to be spirited arguments over Fan Fiction, Marvel vs DC and Disney Princesses and we have what should be a heck of a time. While you are there, be sure to stop by the StormySoaps table in the capitolism room so you can say hello to the missus (and buy nice smellies).

And, I'm considering taking my brand new, super-shiny Machine of Death box for open gaming. It's pretty and looks to be fun.

check out my con report from last year.

This will be my first time at this convention and I plan on being there as nothing more than a journalist and total dork. They’ve got panels on You’re Next and Tucker & Dale Vs Evil (god, do I hope to be able to hug up on Tyler Labine) along with an appearance by Clint Howard. Plus, Evil Dead the Musical as well as the expected films (Return to Nukem High? Yes, I shall), cosplay and assorted weirdness. Should be a hoot.

If you feel the itch, come on down to either one. Feel free to join me in a jig or three while yer there.