Let's open this up, see what's inside.

Hi-dee-ho neighbors,

My friends all know that I get these ideas. Grand things that I think are really awesome. Usually, I realize how much they suck or that they will require more than I am capable of putting in and they fizzle off into nothing. The world as a whole is none the wiser and no one is irrevocably damaged in the process, so long as we ignore THE INCIDENT.*


Every once and awhile, one seems worth pursuing. This is one. I’ve moved forward to creating my own review website: The Eviscerating Pen.**

I’ve gathered a team of solid individuals to work with me and our goal is fairly simple: wallow in our own subjectivity and tell any pretense of objectivity to take a running boomerang at itself. I’ve never been a fan of reviewers that try to pretend that their opinions are universal, as they come off as self-important dickwads. That part isn’t all that original, I know.

However, I haven’t seen any review sites that dependably focus on cover art, even though that is, to me, a vital part of the experience of a book, album or movie. This will provide an opportunity to celebrate those who put serious effort into such an overlooked, yet important, craft. We’ll also have a regular artist spotlight to provide detailed information on our favorite visual artists.
I’m not certain how this is going to work out, but I’m sure it will be fun.

As a last note, I want to thank Piper Morgan, Greg Hermes and Lawrence Resetarits for backing me in this. Maybe, one day, We will be able to set up advertising and I can pay your asses what you deserve.

*which never occurred. According to all legal, professional and private individuals, nothing, whatsoever, happened to that mackerel.
**credit due to Tim Deal and Shroud Publishing, as I stole the name (with permission) from my first and only Hiram Award I received from them years ago.


  1. But, those opinions ARE universal! No one could possibly see it deferently! Where's your unconditional support for your writers! Dickwads are highly misunderstood in today's society.

  2. Okay, Lillith. I rescind my previous comments, at least in regards to what you say. However, I will require much beer in return. and not that burnt-leaves tasting shit you buy for yourself.


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