Some good news and significantly less bitching.

The world has been more than a bit shitty to me and mine as of late. While I know that existence tends to do that from time to time and am completely aware of the fact that, at this very moment, there is some child somewhere in the world dying slowly in pain and terror from an inoperable tumor, that information does fuck all to help me feel better. World’s smallest violin and all. But, sometimes really awesome things happen, too.

For instance, I have reached a few of my publishing goals over the course of this last month by sharing TOC space with some of my literary heroes.

Case in point one:

Jamais Vu, issue three. Wherein I dissect some concerns I have with the events of Shaun of the Dead, proving how erudite and entertaining I am. But, lo, who else do ye spy on that cover? Why I do believe that is Harlan Ellison, public asshole and wordsmith extraordinaire without whom Science Fiction would not be where it is today. I may swoon. And what-ho, thar be Piccirilli, whom you might recognize from how firmly I swing from yon testicles. I’ve also been reading Steve Resnic Tem for years and have been getting quite into Damien Angelica Walters. Matt Betts, if you happen to read this, I see why you’ve been telling me to read Stephanie Wytovich so much. That mermaid poem kicked my ass.

If you are going to buy a copy (which you should because DID YOU SEE THOSE PEOPLE I LISTED ABOVE?), I highly recommend buying a physical copy. Honestly, the physical/e-book divide means jack squat, but Paul Anderson really did go all out in making sure this makes for something special. From the matte cover to the interior art to the craft of the layout, it really is worth spending the few extra bucks.

Case in point two:

wherein I have a poem someone once told me made them itchy. It is also pretty cool and likely worth the $9 by itself. But, again, peep the TOC (which is, admittedly, tough to get at through the amazon site) and you will see Marge Simon nestled among the folds therein. Yes, the Marge Simon who contributed to the Stoker winning Four Elements (with Linda Addison, Charlee Jacob and Rain Graves) and well as Vectors (with Charlee Jacob as well). Vectors has been one of the single most influential works of poetry for me and now I have my words in proximity to hers. Also, Dora Badger’s “The Worms Crawl in” and Montilee Stormer’s “Between” are pure gold. This one is pretty fun.

Finally, thanks to a little help from the Little Red Reviewer herself, I have been contacted by someone at Orbit and will be receiving a review copy of Mira Grant’s new Parasitology book. Fuck yes.

So, crap will still keep happening. I will be deeply in debt the rest of my life. Things getting better seems like a very relative bit of phrasing. But I have an amazing wife to whom I have now been married for ten years. I have friends without whom I would probably be curled up in a corner weeping and shuddering. And these silly little grotesque thoughts of mine keep creeping further out into the world.

I’ll take it.