Damn, do I need this.

If you know me, you know the past few weeks have been rather shitty. If you don’t know me, you now know that. Either way, Context is in a couple of weeks and I fully intend to have a damn good time while I am there. 

If you happen to wish to give me a pity hug or a pity beer (I am particularly fond of the pity beers, they taste of salt and desperation which sits very well against the hops and barley) or just yap about dorky bullshit, here is where you can readily find me:

MCing the OPENING CEREMONIES (6pm Friday), because I am either awesome or a total sucker but probably both.

Rambling incoherently on the TEACHING THROUGH WRITING panel (2pm Saturday), because I’m still spending way too much money on that lit degree and the Education Certification to not do something with it.

Reading bad novelic rants in worse slam-poetry style for the NAME THAT TERRIBLE NOVEL contest (8pm Saturday).

Telling you HOW TO GET YOUR BOOK REVIEWED (1pm Sunday), because sometimes people make silly mistakes when dealing with reviewers.

I’ll also be everywhere else there, because I need fun and noise and joy right now. If you are coming, stop by the Stormy Soaps table and say hello to my wife. Buying some nice smelling soap from her would be cool too, but I won’t push you.