The Power of Assholes in Attaining Unity

So, I noticed this on Blabbermouth*, and find myself huzzzahing Aaron Lewis and Dez Fafara (vocalists for Staind and Devildriver). As much as I believe Aaron has a damn good voice, I agree with the horn-handed majority in saying Staind kinda sucks . Coal Chamber was horrid, so I haven’t given Devildriver a chance. I’m too damn metal for those silly boys, but still I huzzah. Goes to show how a little sexism can bring people together, eh?

While I was a teen, I remember things like this being a huge problem. I even remember assholes yelling out that it “serves them right” for getting in or near the pit. Seriously, there were people that thought that was a reasonable response and that it justified their behavior. Even though I don’t recall a single time I ever got my balls cupped while playing a little pass-the-dude. I never understood the idea and its prevalence was why several kick ass ladies I knew hated to admit their love for metal.

But, it seemed to have slacked off. During the early 2000’s, the most I usually had to contend with was the xXx cowboys kicking girls in the face for about the same reason, but those guys were jackwads in any situation and were at least just as willing to kick me in the face. Point is, it makes me sad to see this making a comeback.

So, let’s get a little something straight here, buckos: You don’t get to grab up on somebody just because their fun bits are near you. I don’t care about the place or time. I don’t care about your stupid sense of entitlement to the silly machismo of the pit. And don’t you dare try giving me that “it’s just where she landed” bullshit because I see how careful you are about where your hands go with any passing guys. You are a piece of shit and will be treated accordingly. Please remember that there are plenty of us watching and that it is very easy for a little good natured moshing to turn into a serious beatdown if you aren’t willing to listen to reason.

*as a bonus, do yourself a favor and look for Liam O’rly’s response to an idiot comment. I want a bumper sticker with that shit. Now!