Dick jokes and stripping cupcakes

This past weekend, I had the opportunity to see Tim Dimond perform. The guy was funny as all hell and mostly saved the night for me (the headliner of the night made me laugh more than sandpaper on my scrotum, but only slightly). His style is a bit educated with a slight lilt of smarm, but not so into his own brain as to be off putting. He’s one of those comedians that can tell smart dick jokes, without constantly reminding you that they are SMART dick jokes. I got the sense that, to him, they were just dick jokes. I liked that fine.

Tim, in the cupcake strip club.

Also, I had the opportunity of speaking with him after the show (don’t worry, no interview here) and got to see that he is also fairly good at being a human being. I enjoyed the chat and picked up his two CDs, which I will likely review at some near point.

But right now, just go to his website. Keep an eye out for any time he may be near your town. See the fucker. Have fun. Thank me later.

In the mean time, you can watch this.  Or this. Or perhaps this.