If only there had been some sort of warning...

This is, by far, my favorite review of D.O.A. II:

With all due respect to those of you who loved this book, and these types of stories, I have to be honest: this book was appalling to me. I love horror, am mad about a great ghost story, can't get enough of monsters, and things that go bump in the night. DOA II is not that type of collection. It's brutal rapes, and horribly bloody, gruesome sex. It's demented characters who commit disgusting and revolting crimes. The first story in the book is a horrid peek into snuff films, and it just gets worse from there. I'm no prude, but I certainly wish I had been informed about the vulgar and gory content in this selection. I would not have purchased it. I read a few more stories, and that was all I could handle. This book is full of extreme and explicit sex and/or violence, leaving absolutely nothing to the imagination. I paid six bucks for this, but I didn't blink an eye when I removed it from my Kindle. It was a relief. I think Amazon needs to warn us about books that contain this type of content, as it is not for everybody.

While Melanie does not specifically mention my own contribution to the book, ”Under the Pretext of Propensity,” I desperately want to assume that I played some part in her response.  Few things can make one feel as giddy as that possibility. If I didn’t already have a copy, I’d buy it just because of her opinion. Thank you, dear lady, from the bottom of my black, cold and rotting heart.

You’re a dear.