You can keep your Thor and Batmen. Here's what I'm excited about.

I just heard some news that has me fairly excited about the Amazing Spiderman sequel. Specifically, that they are going with more rarely used and mentioned villains with this one.

If you haven’t seen Amazing Spiderman, you should. Especially if you didn’t see it because you thought it was stupid to reboot the series so soon after Sam Raimi’s now iconic vision (at least with the first two films, we’ll forget that sad, pathetic third one).  I really appreciated that Mark Webb made it his own and didn’t  just try to copy what was done before and the result was a damn fine film.

Mostly, I geeked out because the fucking Lizard, people! I used to love that character and the dichotomy he represented.  And the fact that they used the Gwen Stacy relationship instead of the overused Mary Jane was awesome.  Check the comics, it was a big deal in them.

Now, I’m seeing that they will have Electro and the Rhino. With Jamie Foxx playing Electro (in what looks like more of the Ultimate version-which fits better with the feel of this run of movies anyways). And Paul Giamatti playing the Rhino. Paul Giamatti! Color me giddy.