Tooting my Own Horn

I realized that I have been moderately remiss in the pimping of the self, as it were. Sad, I know. I also realize that, as much as I would like to believe that the raw power and majesty of the art I exude through whatever orifices happen to be available would draw you all like the gravity well of a collapsing star, such dreams are not to be. Don’t worry. Not everything I write is as self indulgent as that sentence.

All that nonsense aside, the following currently available thingies have my name hiding in the TOC:

A Science Fiction anthology with a fairly obvious theme containing. My story, “Have I got a Deal for You” contains both a giant, talking space vagina (which my wife found absolutely terrifying) and Nirvana played as muzak.

A zombie anthology dealing with loss. The stories in this one tend to focus a bit more on emotional impact than gore (though there is plenty for those so inclined). The introduction is by Jonathan Maberry and C Bryan Brown delivers a nearly crippling tale in addition to my own “Beautiful Things”, a tale of the estrangement of a father and son.

Initially billed as a steampunk ghost anthology, I think of it more as generalized haunted machines. Somewhat  along the lines of King’s “The Mangler”, featuring stories grouped by past, present and future. I’m sure most of you will be more interested in the Joe Hill story, which I completely understand. However, while you’re there you might as well check out “Interchangeable Parts”. It’s my gift to those who dislike steampunk for socioeconomic reasons.

D.O.A. II (Blood Bound Books), due to be released in July, 2013

This should be a fun one. An extreme horror antho that will feature some of my heroes like Jack Ketchum, Wrath James White, Monica J O’Rourke and Robert Devereaux.  Also, while they may not be as big of names, I usually enjoy Robert Essig and Daniel I Russell. I felt a little sick with myself while writing some parts of “Under the Pretense of Propensity”, which is usually a good sign.