Random old thought

The following is a draft of a post that has been sitting on here for some unknown period of time. With no sense of propriety or reason, I present it to you:

I've come across a bizarre and moderately disturbing thing whilst reading Koji Suzuki's Ring. Yep, I'm that far behind in my reading. Next up, I've been hearing some good things about this King fella.

Putting aside the random aside, there is a moment where it is revealed that the best and only friend of our intrepid, cursed reported (Asakawa) is a rapist. Somehow, this rather important detail is dropped without the slightest look back. Maybe this will be some over the top, ham handed excuse to kill him off without remorse, but DAMN! The offhand and dismissive way of dealing with this is more than a bit unsettling.

I'm a fairly reasonable guy, but I'm pretty sure I would at least call the police about this. More likely, I'd stab him in the face. Repeatedly. There would be a momentary consideration of the ramifications of forcibly sodomizing him with a candle rolled in broken glass. And I wouldn't feel unreasonable in doing so.

Knowing that I am not the only person taking this brave stance against rape, I have to question this kind of choice.