A brief appeal during lulzXmas:

Dear, sweet and shiny members of Anonymous,
I get the point of the raid on Stratfor, honestly I do. Pointing out the huge hole in security in a company paid precisely for providing that service is indeed chuckle worthy at the least. I’m sure you’re meaning well by using the card information obtained in these raids to make donations to charities, spreading goodwill as well as chaos. Superficially, the only victims are the company, who is obviously not doing its job correctly, and a horde of faceless fools who must have the extra cash if they can invest in this type of protection. And who are stupid enough to pay for a service from a provider who cannot provide. Or they were stupid enough to want to make a living working for one of the organizations that use Stratfor, which is completely their fault as all companies get unanimous permission from employees on which companies to use for security and allow anyone who wishes to keep their information out of the company systems.

However, you may not realize the problems you are creating for the charities you profess to be gifting. Whenever an erroneous credit charge is put through, and the defrauded party needs to be credited back for the charge, that money has to be credited back from the charity. In other words, the donations disappear. This, in itself is a general no harm/no foul situation for the charity except that this process of going through the donations and crediting the money back takes man hours. However unintentionally, you are costing these organizations money.

It makes it a bit hard to push the image of yourselves as modern day Robin Hoods (as perfectly elucidated here) when your actions dry up desperately needed funds from organizations which exist solely to provide help to those in need. This isn’t heavy handed lecture time, or anything like that, but we would all prefer that you think about the larger fallout of your actions.

Sometimes, the LULZ just aren’t worth it.