Humpin a Corpse Never Felt so Good

One of the things that depresses the ever lovin’ shit out of me in the course of this review writin’ game is seeing good publishing companies go belly up. Sure, there is enough crap out there to drown us all, especially since so many think that the ease of e-publishing means that everyone knows how to do it right. However, there are a select few who not only “get it”, but have a real and for true honest love of literature and those who create it. Companies and individuals who pour their life and adoration into both the crafting and promotion of those little hunks of written words. The ones who make me happy to spend the roughly double price for a trade paperback or mortgage off a local newborn for a hardback. Then I see them crash because it is a stressful fucking job that takes everything you can put into it just to keep your head above water.
That just plain sucks blue whale testicles.
Case in point: June of 2010 saw Necro Publications go on an indefinite hiatus (what is usually a nice term for “done for goddam ever”) due to a combination of economic and personal health factors. Necro was the company that introduced my to the small press world as well as showing me that Hardcore horror meant much more than simple gore. Through Necro, I met a no nonsense dead cat and a goddess of shit. I found out that Gary Braunbeck can be hilarious, that Wrath James White can kick my throat out and that no one sees the world through as dark, or as hopeful, of a lens as Charlee Jacobs. Proprietor and layout guru, Dave G. Barnett, made some of the most striking looking packages available (Dread in the Beast and Dead Cat’s Traveling Circus and Miracle Medical Sideshow are almost too ridiculously gorgeous to exist). Necro was one of those companies that, no matter what it was that they were putting out, I knew I would love it. As much as Dave loved the genre, he had no tolerance for crap. Any lover of truly ballsy and high quality horror should have been weeping their eyes out when this happened. I know I did.
However, I recently found out that Necro is back on its feet, with a new website a fresh book in the form of Jeffrey (Punktown) Thomas’s vampire gangster novel Blood Society. You can also get some sweet ass versions of Charlee Jacob’s This Symbiotic Fascination and Soma, Gerard Houarner’s The Road to Hell and more Ed Lee than you can shake a cancerous dick full of smegma at. If I had the money, I’d go broke in about two seconds there.

Head yer butt on over to the new Necro website and experience a little joy.