Now I've gone and done it.

Once again, my obsessions have gotten the better of me. The grand and ever expanding mythology Greg Hermes has created around the mighty and powerful King Paul via his songs on Carinemily (don't forget to check out the vintage porn while you're there) grabbed me by the balls and refuses to let go. It started with a tiny story and now... Now I've decided to give GenericPublishing (the publishing company I ran up until roughly five or so years ago that none of you have ever heard of) a chance at rebirth. The first published work through the GP mark will be tentatively titled “King Paul Crushes Your Face and You like It “, a chapbook sized anthology of flash fiction and praise poetry running with the King Paul mythology. It will be open for submissions starting June 15th and close on August 15th, with an intended release date of November 15th, 2011. If this works out okay and doesn't drive me insane, then I will look into other releases in the future.


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