Non-Wednesday WIP

It is quite possible that I will tear a hole in the fabric of space-time by violating the rule of aliteration, but so be it.

On the inspiration front, I’ve been running pretty dry lately. I know that’s a piss poor excuse for not writing –I mock friends readily for such things- but I just haven’t been doing it. Really, I’ve just been too lazy to peck away at ye olde keyboard. But today, I got started on a new one and it seems to be going well. 1000 words down and I might even know where I’m going with it. So far, I’m dealing with vampirism, isolation and that ugly, overused and dull saw of a narrator who is also a writer. But I like where it is going and I hope to have something decently depressing come out of this.

I’ve been in one of those moods.

On other fronts: I’ve had a story I thought no one would ever be willing to seriously consider (“Have I Got a Deal for You”, with a giant vagina as a timeshare salesman) get shortlisted. Also, the editor at Cutting Block asked for an alternate submission to replace the one they rejected, so I’ve sent them another story no one seems interested in. Curious to see how that pans out. Also, I found out that Weird Tales is currently accepting submissions, so my goal of being rejected by them is within reach.

Add to that some extremely loose employment opportunities that may or may not present themselves and you have a decent week for the me.

Then I came home to find out that my financial situation is crapping all over itself. Nice.