A sad, a happy and moderate relief in between.

Yesterday, I found out that one of my favorite outlets for short horror fiction and writerly advice, Necrotic Tissue, is closing up shop. I always enjoyed receiving my copy of NT and, while I didn’t always agree with some of the editorial choices, I thought that they showed great taste overall. The good news is that he’s keeping Stygian Press running, so we can continue to look forward to more like Malpractice, Samnhane and Three Zombies and a Demon.

Still, it sucks.

Also, I finally received the rejection I was expecting from Cutting Block Press' annual Library of Horror anthology. It’s oddly comforting to be rejected when I aim way over my head like that. Hell, Bentley Little regularly shows up in their pages, among several other names much more worthy than mine. And the rejection was personalized. Next step: being rejected by Weird Tales, whenever they reopen for submissions.

But there is good news: The Terror At Miskatonic Falls is still on track, rolling along and looking fine as can be. When I had initially submitted a couple poems a couple years ago, it looked relatively simple: a poetry anthology built around a central narrative, akin to the Spoon River Anthology or Charlee Jacob’s Vectors. Since then, Kevin Lucia has fleshed out the framing story to fill in the blanks and Danny Evarts is doing some amazing artwork, mutating it even further. I can’t wait to see what this beast will look like when it’s finished.