They done popped my cherriy.

I'm no longer a virgin people.

On January 21st, 2011, my first monetarily lucrative story will be available to smack you in the face. The story is “The Song that Crawls”, the product of my split obsessions with Lovercraft, Tom Piccirilli and all things Dax Riggs (the title actually comes from an Agents of Oblivion song, but Dax gave me permission to use it) and I'm glad to see that it has found comfortable little home in Necrotic Tissue. They've got a great mag going on there -I've said a few nice things about them periodically- and I am awed to have my name appear in their pages.

Sure, I've had work published in the past and some of it will eventually result in money gracing my palm but none have actually done so yet. That makes this particular work something very special to me and I would like anyone reading this to celebrate by buying a copy or, even better, subscribing to the magazine.

In case you are curious, “The Morning Ritual,” a tale of sacrifice and the morning commute, will be appearing in the digital version of Title Goes Here and “Beautiful Things,” dealing with familial responsibility, will show up in an upcoming issue of Shroud. I'll let you know dates when I know them.

For the moment, I feel a little bit tired, a little bit sore and very content in your arms.