Lucky Number 5!

A very short poem of mine, “She Doesn’t Speak Anymore”, has been accepted for an upcoming anthology by Needfire Press. This puts me up to an amazing and confounding total of 5 works of mine that will see print in forms that I did not create. Yay me.

These Apparitions is a collection of poems riffing on Ezra Pound’s “In the Station of the Metro” with a focus on answering the following question: Who are the faces in the crowd? Since imagist poetry isn’t done very much these days, I’m looking forward to seeing how the other authors have approached the form. You, of course, should be looking forward to basking in my glory once this goes to print. However, if I am not enough to pique your interest, Steve Rasnic Tem, Steve Vernon, Roy C. Booth, Cynthia Booth, Barry Napier, Bob Freeman, Louise Bohmer, and J. Bruce Fuller are also featured.

More info will be made available as it appears to me in dreams. Or in Emails.