WIP Wednesday? Why not.

If anyone is reading this, I’m not sure you would actually care about these things, but what the hell, eh?

Fairly fresh off of a story that blatantly rips off both Lovecraft and the work of Dax Riggs (ranging from the early Acid Bath stuff on up to his Deadboy and solo stuff) so much so that I felt it necessary to obtain permission the Dax before continuing, I’m trying my hand at poetry again.

This time, it is a rather large prose poem in five parts detailing the night Manatees got pissed off, organized and violent. The first draft is about 2/3s done and I am feeling a bit stuck. One of the sections is going to mirror the opening to Jaws, so maybe I should watch that again. I also need to read up on some good battle poetry.

Here’s to an idea no one in their right mind would buy!