Friday, July 17, 2009

The Existential Quandary of Being a Whore

So, with Context coming up, I decided awhile back to use the opportunity to help promote my wife and a good friend of mine. Both of them are great writers who have very little willingness to promote themselves, which means that they will be doomed to killing themselves writing work that no-one will ever read. Such is the fate of the shy, introverted writer. So I wanted to help by putting together some promotional chapbooks to hand out during the con to fans, writers and possibly even a few of the publishers that will be there (because no-one ever does that, hehe). So far I am being completely altruistic, if slightly economically stupid.

The problem is that now, I can't seem to keep myself from putting in some of my own work which makes me feel like a bit of a douche. Now, instead of being a damn fine husband and friend, am I using them to whore myself out more? I'm not certain. Also, It makes it a tad more uncomfortable handing out copies because now I am one of those “self-published” authors that everyone makes fun of. The whole thing is making me self-conscious of my own idiocy.

Don't get me wrong, I'm sure I'll still go ahead and do it. Really, why the hell not?