Damn Zombies

Seriously, can we stop now? At least for a minute or two. Look, I love the rotting, shambling monstrosities as much as the next guy. I had The Zombie Survival Guide on pre-order before it was originally released and paid an ungodly sum for Fab Press’ Book of the Dead. The mention of zombies brings to mind some of my favorite memories and I’ve even written a couple myself. But I need a break.

The last several books I’ve been sent for review as well as the one that’s on the way are all zombie based. Probably 2/3rds of my total reviews have been of Zombie novels and several of the have been REALLY friggin good. Still… back off a bit. I’m actually longing for some emo vampire action, if that gives you any clue as to my mindset. Just… grrrr.

Dear Nyarlathotep in the great empty beyond, why can’t Lucy Snyder’s book come out sooner?